Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing Inglés Conversacional - Liberia, Costa Rica

The principal aim of Inglés Conversacional - Liberia, Costa Rica is to give native Spanish speakers the ability to grow in their knowledge in English and learn how to express themselves comfortably. Depending on the goals of the learners, however, students can be taught English to reinforce academic studies in their respective schools.

For ESL, or English as a Second Language courses, teaching of English can be adjusted to the relative skills of each student, based on written and oral testing that is performed before beginning classes. This allows a student to be placed within a level of learning that fits the abilities that they currently have.

Materials that are available to students include videos, texts, and audio instruction. In some cases, instructional materials are included with the price of instruction.

Contact us at 8379-6703 for further information on how you can begin your classes in English and be on your way to speaking fluidly.