Monday, April 16, 2012

Translation Services and Job Interview Preparation

Besides the teaching of English, I also offer translation services.  I can translate from Spanish to English and charge reasonably.  For customers outside of Costa Rica, I can accept PayPal payments.  For larger jobs, I can give you a quote. 

Also, I was working with a client recently who was doing an English proficiency test online and am working with her on developing her conversational skills for her upcoming job interview.   So, if you are applying for a job that requires English skills, hone up your conversational skills and specific language requirements to prepare yourself before the interview.  It pays to be prepared!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaching English via Skype on the Internet

 Skype is a Great Way to Teach English

Teaching of English doesn't have to be limited to one's physical location.  Thanks to the internet we have chat and video conferencing abilities now.  You can see the other person and have personal interaction, and you can share the screen with another to show teaching material and examples. 

So, I encourage you to contact me via Skype if you are serious about improving your English.

My Skype name is liberia881.  Sign up for Skype (if you haven't already), which is a free service unless you call a telephone, and ask to be a contact.  Then we can start from there.  

Make sure that you have at least a 512K Mbps download connection for both video and voice to work.  It is better to have more.  I have a consistent 2 Mbps connection. To check your download and upload speeds use this site:

Payments.  An initial lesson/consulation will be free.  After that, we can see about how to do payments.  I can receive payments via my PayPal account or bank accounts in Costa Rica and the United States.  Alternatively, I am working with another company that accepts credit card payments. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Practicing Using Numbers

One of the ways that I have beginning students practice their numbers is to give each other their telephone numbers. They often have to think a bit and there are usually gaps between the numbers. But this is a very useful skill, being able to "rattle off"** a series of numbers, and it is essential to be able to do this when communicating with another speaker who is not bilingual.

To reinforce their skills, I ask them during oral exams what their home and cell phone numbers are. I also tell them what my numbers are and have them write them down to make sure that they can both listen and understand. Too many times, learners will nod their heads when they really don't understand....

 **Rattle off - being able to effortlessly and say something sequentially, like a string of numbers or a list of items

Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing Inglés Conversacional - Liberia, Costa Rica

The principal aim of Inglés Conversacional - Liberia, Costa Rica is to give native Spanish speakers the ability to grow in their knowledge in English and learn how to express themselves comfortably. Depending on the goals of the learners, however, students can be taught English to reinforce academic studies in their respective schools.

For ESL, or English as a Second Language courses, teaching of English can be adjusted to the relative skills of each student, based on written and oral testing that is performed before beginning classes. This allows a student to be placed within a level of learning that fits the abilities that they currently have.

Materials that are available to students include videos, texts, and audio instruction. In some cases, instructional materials are included with the price of instruction.

Contact us at 8379-6703 for further information on how you can begin your classes in English and be on your way to speaking fluidly.