Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaching English via Skype on the Internet

 Skype is a Great Way to Teach English

Teaching of English doesn't have to be limited to one's physical location.  Thanks to the internet we have chat and video conferencing abilities now.  You can see the other person and have personal interaction, and you can share the screen with another to show teaching material and examples. 

So, I encourage you to contact me via Skype if you are serious about improving your English.

My Skype name is liberia881.  Sign up for Skype (if you haven't already), which is a free service unless you call a telephone, and ask to be a contact.  Then we can start from there.  

Make sure that you have at least a 512K Mbps download connection for both video and voice to work.  It is better to have more.  I have a consistent 2 Mbps connection. To check your download and upload speeds use this site:

Payments.  An initial lesson/consulation will be free.  After that, we can see about how to do payments.  I can receive payments via my PayPal account or bank accounts in Costa Rica and the United States.  Alternatively, I am working with another company that accepts credit card payments. 

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